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It’s the little things that make you, you. Your loved ones will tell you how they fell for the crinkle in your nose when you smile, or the way your hair stands up to one side when you wake up. The idiosyncrasies are what add the soul to flesh and blood. It’s what sets you apart from the countless other human beings.

Your house is no different. Think of your home as a living thing; it evolves with you, complements you and reflects who you are. Your personality is what adds soul to it. It lends it charm. Wouldn’t it be lovely if people immediately understood who you are the moment they step into your home?

The right accessories can help you do just that. Here are five simple things you can start with.

Light makes the mood

The biggest home décor mistake you can make is to take lighting for granted. There is more to it that simply making sure you don’t bump into furniture. Ambient lighting can create a mood, alleviate your eyes and throw attention to spaces that you want to highlight.

Use it smartly and you can control what and how your guests see your home. For example, if you have an artwork that you are particularly proud of or a miniature collection you’d like to show off, spot lighting can help you draw a person’s attention to it.

Lamps and lampshades can do this as well with an added benefit that they come in a range of styles from industrial steam-punk to woven, and embroidered silk. Location is the key here. Whether you choose a floor lamp or one hanging from the ceiling will entirely depend on where in the house you place it, and what function you want it to serve.

Talking time-keeper

Clocks tell a lot more than just the time. They speak of an era and a moment all at once. Since the day electronics took over our lives, clocks haven’t been left with much of a role. These days, even the microwave can tell you the time.

Choosing a timepiece is more of a statement. You could opt for a rustic desk clock made from discarded parts of a motorcycle or you could showcase a delicate origami artwork. What it says about your sense of being is far more interesting than how many minutes to dinner.

Play with texture

Imagine soft faux fur against a bare exposed brick wall. The juxtaposition of the hard and soft creates dialogue between the elements in the room.

There are a few ways you can incorporate textures into your décor. Carpets are an easy way to lift a room’s décor and make it seem luxurious. You can play with prints and fabrics depending on what you want to express. Wool is warm, silk oozes royalty, cotton prints can be funky.

Try using a throw or a throw pillow to soften a room that is laid out in geometric symmetry.

Earthy yet delicate

Much like textures, materials can also enliven a room that may otherwise appear too clinical. Potted plants are the simplest way this can be done. Bringing outdoor elements indoors can create a sense of calm and help you feel connected to nature. This can also work with materials such as ceramics, metals and stone.

Think metal casings as wall art in a modern theme or ceramic vases to adorn side tables. Look for local artisans, so you also have a story to tell about where it came from. Good décor isn’t simply a visual treat; it makes a great conversation starter.

Art reflects life

The walls can talk and their favourite topic is you! Use wall surfaces to tell stories about yourself; where you have been, the people you met, the memories you made. It need not be a wall that is covered with photo frames. Choose art prints, movie posters, book covers, your puppy’s paw print or even the fabric from your child’s first pair of pyjamas. These are things that tell a tale, where you are the protagonist. They are endearing objects that hold memories.

As for the art of storytelling — an elegant frame can make the most intimate crayon drawings look like an art gallery installation.

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